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The drive towards the metaverse, software developments, automation , and the 3D industry’s desire to push the limits has created a massive need for data collection services.

AsBuilt exists to provide data collection for the creation of Digital Twins. AsBuilt has over ten years of reality capture experience, collecting data in the most challenging and difficult environments.

Providing Complete 3D Scanning Services

The history of Asbuilt 3D Scanning

The principals of AsBuilt started the company in pursuit of accurate inputs. We had seen the effects of missing or inaccurate drawings on building projects — without accurate 3D scans, projects take on unnecessary risks, become delayed or end up way over budget — and we wanted to offer a better way. We chose the name AsBuilt to reflect what we deliver — an “as-built” plan of a facility in its current state.

To produce that plan, we use a terrestrial laser range finder or scanner to capture billions of data points. We then create CAD models and photorealistic environments that serve as backgrounds for training, safety evaluations, operations, engineering and many other purposes.

We provide a complete 3D CAD scanning service spanning from data capture to training. We want you to have everything you need to achieve a return on investment and love what you do.

Benefits of 3D Laser Scanning Services

At AsBuilt, our goal is to prevent bad projects. Our 3D laser scanning services streamline your work by offering the following:

  • Speed: During a single laser scan, millions of data points are collected in just a second. The vast amount of data captured allows us to produce a detailed drawing of a facility or building quickly. The data sets produced are measurable, sharable and accurate, which helps speed up project planning and execution.  
  • Accuracy: 3D laser scanning is incredibly accurate, as it captures your site in detail the first time. Accurate data collection means less disruption and expedited projects.
  • Reduced costs: The speed and accuracy of 3D laser scans help you keep your project costs in check. Since the plans produced from the scan are accurate from the beginning, there's less need to change orders and less chance of delays, minimizing your overall costs.
  • Safety: 3D laser scanning helps to protect workers since the scanners themselves can collect data from a distance. There's no need for workers to climb into hard-to-reach or potentially dangerous areas to take measurements. The no-contact nature of 3D scanning also furthers efforts to preserve the integrity of buildings.
  • Better collaboration: The use of 3D scanning streamlines communication, as everyone with access to the scan information can work based on the same data and collaborate more effectively.

Who We Serve

We work with engineers, project managers, executive management and engineering sales teams who need accurate models of a strcture. During a project, we can partner with the facility owner or engineer. We also offer our 3D scan technology services to value-added resellers (VARs) to enhance the software packages they sell.

Why AsBuilt

Why work with us? There are few firms out there that offer the laser scanning and 3D modeling services we do. While the industry is far from young, it has yet to develop any level of standardization. As a result, we've developed our own workflows and standards that allow us to set the bar higher. We aim to do more than capture data for you — we want to work with you to help you make the most of that data.

Some of the additional ways we've set ourselves apart include:

  • Our commitment to reducing costs: When we train our technicians, we focus on data collection methods that keep costs under control. We make use of underused technology investments so we can pass savings on to our clients. We've partnered with organizations overseas that allow for dramatically lower cost structures for post-modeling scan data.
  • Our engineering background: First and foremost, we're an engineering company. When we work with you for scanning and modeling, we aim to understand your specific goals, then we'll build the model around that goal. We know that the company that collects the data needs to fully understand the endgame for the project to succeed.
  • Our commitment to a fast turnaround time: One of our goals is to have the fastest turnaround time without sacrificing quality. We can have a tech or engineer on their way to a project within a few hours, if needed. Even for less urgent projects, we aim to move quickly, using dozens of servers and multiple techs to collect and process data.

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