Scan to BIM Services

Learn more about our scan to BIM services and how we use 3D reality capture and scans to enhance project collaboration while reducing costs.
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Scan to BIM Services

Building Information Modeling (BIM) is used globally in the planning, design, maintenance and construction of buildings and facilities. BIM is a collaborative process that puts engineers, developers, contractors, architects and other professionals on the same page, allowing everyone on the project to work from the same model.

BIM modeling is at the core of some of AsBuilt's projects. Learn more about our scan to BIM services and how we use 3D reality capture and scans to enhance project collaboration while reducing costs.

What Are Scan to BIM Services?

To get accurate models, you need to start with accurate measurements. 3D laser scanning delivers a high degree of accuracy, particularly when used with BIM projects. Scan to BIM services provides you with a workflow that's full of data.

During scan to BIM, we use a laser scanner to create a 3D scan of a project. We then import the point cloud data into a 3D modeling environment, creating an as-built model reflecting the real-world conditions at the time of the scan. Scan to BIM services can accomplish several goals, such as supporting design modification, documenting building conditions, performing clash detection or allowing teams to assess a project's progress.

What Is the Scan to BIM Process?

Scan to BIM is a multistep process. The first step is to capture the data using 3D scanning technology. With a 3D laser scanner, our technicians quickly and accurately gather field data. Each time the laser falls on a solid surface, it records a point in three-dimensional space. Millions of points create a digital picture, or point cloud, producing an accurate 3D representation of the building or facility. 

Once the scanner has the data, the next step is to transfer it to a device to share it with other team members. After that, we can import the data into BIM software to create the 3D model.

What Are the Benefits of Scan to BIM? 

With 3D laser scanning, we gather data on project conditions at the precise moment of scanning, which you can use throughout the design and construction process. It also allows you to create as-built models and shop drawings for existing buildings for monitoring, interference checks or other purposes. 

Scanning to BIM lets you quickly obtain an accurate 3D digital representation of your structure. The other benefits of scan to BIM include:

  • Reduced human error: Our 3D scanning technology eliminates much of the potential for human error in traditional documentation for complex sites.
  • Detailed representations: A 3D scan captures real-world conditions at the moment of recording, providing a comprehensive picture of the building structures, building systems and site layout. 
  • Rapid turnaround: Using scan to BIM generally requires a single site visit to collect the data and results in quick model delivery to keep project planning and work moving forward.
  • Faster collaboration: It's easier and faster to share information with stakeholders through scan to BIM than other documentation methods.

Why AsBuilt for Scan to BIM Modeling Services

As an engineering company first and a scan and model company second, we understand the challenges our clients face. We want to share our expertise and resources with others in the field. Our scan to BIM services help you reduce costs and stay on schedule. 

Because we know the demands of the engineering sector, we're prepared to meet them in a way our competitors can't. We can often be on-site and working on emergency projects in as little as 12 hours, and our extensive technological resources result in data set delivery in just hours rather than days.

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