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In the world of engineering, 2D drawings no longer satisfy job requirements. These drawings are more susceptible to errors, which can delay projects or cause you to miss potential building maintenance requirements that may make you go over your budget.

Using 3D laser scans, you can view detailed images of a building — it's the next best thing to seeing the building in person! Learn about the AsBuilt 3D scanning process and how it can impact your models positively. 

How 3D Scanners Work 

3D laser scanning uses a line of laser light to digitally capture the shape of objects. The noncontact and nondestructive process captures a building or object's exact size and shape so that you can view it from a computer in 3D. 

As the laser moves over the object and captures its surface shape, the object appears on the computer screen as millions of points called a "point cloud." Once the point cloud data files are created, they are transformed into a 3D rendering of the object. 

Capture, Visualize, Collaborate 

We capture our motto — our true mission and process — in just three simple words:

Faro 3D scanner for facility management
3D as built scanning of a gas building
3D scan and reality capture of a large gas building
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First, we'll talk. We'll discuss your goals, you can outline your priorities and we'll listen to your concerns. Then, we'll use 3D scanning technology to capture and process your data and bring your project to life.

3D as built scanning for management of change in piping
3D scans to get a comprehensive understanding about a building
3D scans to understand as built building conditions
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Using your preferred browser or software, our skilled team will give you a tour of your data. We'll show you how to rotate it, section it and fly over it so that you know how to make the most of your 3D drawing.

A group uses 3D technology to collaborate about building conditions in real time
Use 3D technology to increase accuracy and efficiency
3D scanning technology helps make construction jobs more efficient
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Teamwork is paramount in this industry. We'll work with you to put your plans and goals in an easily understandable format that helps you get buy-in from stakeholders.


Benefits of AsBuilt 

Consider the following benefits of working with AsBuilt for 3D project management: 

  • Enjoy accurate plans: Laser scanning is the fastest and most accurate way to achieve 3D plans. 3D laser scans capture much more data than a drawing that's developed by hand. And when you have more accurate models, you have more accurate plans and results. 
  • Avoid delays: When your laser scan 3D model is accurate, you can avoid delays that come as a result of inaccurate plans. Plus, 3D models are easier to adjust, which helps you save time. 
  • Keep projects cost-effective: No one likes going over budget. And when you stay on target and are able to make adjustments quickly, you can save money. 
  • Prevent unnecessary risks: A 3D building scan shows engineers which parts of a building are vulnerable and which need maintenance, which can keep crews safe.

Create 3D Laser Scans With AsBuilt 

AsBuilt has over 10 years of experience in reality capture, and we can help your team create 3D scans of buildings for your next project. We're engineers, too. We know how inaccurate drawings can impact a project, how you can save time and money with 3D models, and how working with an expert who listens to you can support your results. 

Schedule a consultation with an AsBuilt team member today to get started!

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