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AsBuilt offers 3D scanning services for architectural applications, helping reduce project costs, improve accuracy and increase productivity.
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The Future of Architectural Excellence

Architects, elevate your design process with AsBuilt 3D’s advanced laser scanning and 3D modeling services. Our precise, detailed scans provide a reliable foundation, eliminating guesswork and ensuring accuracy from concept to completion. Enhance your creativity with photorealistic visualizations, streamline project timelines, and reduce costly errors. Partner with AsBuilt 3D to bring your architectural visions to life with unmatched precision and efficiency. Let's build the future together.

    How Our Process Works 

    AsBuilt's scan-to-model process empowers architects with a seamless workflow to transform physical spaces into precise digital representations. We capture billions of data points using a 3D scanner suited for architectural applications. Based on that data, we create highly accurate CAD models and photorealistic environments that you can use for architectural elements, engineering functions, safety evaluations and many other purposes. Our team handles the entire process from start to finish, including capturing the data, post processing, modeling and support to implement the findings. Here's how it works:

    An AsBuilt laser tech completes a 3D scan of a building
    3D as built scanning of a gas building
    3D scan and reality capture of a large gas building


    We'll analyze your project goals and determine the most critical elements of your project. After that, we'll work with you to capture and process your data, bringing your project to life.

    3D scans to get a comprehensive understanding about a building
    3D scans to understand as built building conditions


    Our techs will help you analyze your data using your preferred platform. We'll show you how to section it, fly over it and rotate it to maximize functionality.

    Use 3D technology to increase accuracy and efficiency
    3D scanning technology helps make construction jobs more efficient


    We'll assist you in formatting your plans and goals so all project stakeholders involved can understand them.


    Benefits of 3D Scanning and Modeling for Architectural Building Projects

    Architects involved in new builds or renovations can easily capture as-built architectural conditions in great detail. Our digital twin technology and innovative software enable professionals to obtain the most critical project information faster, with more precision and at a lower cost than traditional methods. In addition, our capabilities eliminate the need for multiple personnel to visit a work site numerous times, helping cut travel expenses and extra labor costs.

    Primary benefits of our 3D scanning and modeling services include:

    Advantages of Partnering With AsBuilt for 3D Architectural Laser Scanning

    AsBuilt is the largest 3D scanning and modeling services provider in the United States. We understand the challenges today's architects, engineers and project managers face when dealing with inaccurate measurements and outdated blueprints. That's why we strive to give clients the tools they need to streamline their efforts.

    When you choose us for 3D scanning services, you'll enjoy benefits like:

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    If you want to learn more about how our 3D scanning technology can benefit your unique architectural applications, the knowledgeable and experienced engineers at AsBuilt can guide you. Our team has decades of combined experience surveying sites and collecting structural data in the most challenging environments.

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