3D Scanning and Modeling
for Engineering and Survey Services

Take advantage of professional 3D scanning and modeling services and benefit from the next level of project quality. With 3D scanning and modeling, you eliminate risk, confusion, delays and cost overruns with cutting-edge 3D capture technology.

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3D Building Scans for Engineering and Survey Services

AsBuilt's principals have worked on engineer projects since 1996, so we've seen hundreds of projects that were delayed, over budget or exposed to unnecessary risks. We created AsBuilt in pursuit of accurate inputs.

Our 3D building scans produce an “as-built” plan as a facility or building currently stands. 3D scanning allows projects to be accurate and cost-effective, as they give an engineer access to the most up-to-date and detailed information about a building.

3D Building Modeling for Engineers

3D laser scanning is just the first step of the 3D engineering design process. AsBuilt then transforms the data collected during the scan into a 3D model or building layout. The 3D model provides intricate detail about a facility, including its structure, utilities, and equipment.

How Engineers Can Use Professional 3D Scanners

3D scanners have revolutionized the way engineers work, allowing them to save time and money and make projects safer. Some of the uses of 3D scanning for engineers include:

  • Reverse engineering: Using 3D scanners, an engineer can break down the construction and design of an existing object or building, allowing them to reverse-engineer and reproduce it.
  • Identify areas of concern: A 3D building scan captures areas of vulnerability in a building, letting an engineer make safety recommendations to the crew working there or modify design plans to improve stability.
  • Maintenance: With 3D scanning, an engineer can determine which ongoing maintenance tasks are necessary for a building, bridge or other structure.
  • Background capture: 3D scanning provides accurate backgrounds, allowing you to start your engineering projects based on current, correct information rather than having to rely on outdated drawings.
  • Fabrication inspection: You need accurate dimensional inspections for complex prefabricated equipment, skids, structural and piping systems. You can collect that data with a scanner and compare it to your 3D design.
  • As-building: Capture redlines on your own rather than relying on contractors. With 3D scanning, you can take your own as-built scans and utilize them to update your models and drawings.

Why 3D Scanning?

In today’s landscape, 2D no longer does the job. With 2D drawings, you risk losing time and making more errors. Using 3D scanning, we can capture detailed images of a building and produce an asset's digital twin. The result is the true, as-is condition of a facility.

Without 3D scanning, you lose valuable money and time due to uncertainties.

An AsBuilt laser tech completes a 3D scan of a building
Faro 3D reality capture technology
The Faro Swift 3D laser scanner
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It all starts with a conversation with you. We analyze your goals and find out which data points are the most important to your operation. We ask you about your concerns and priorities. From there, we'll work with you to capture your point cloud and process the scan data to reduce your risk profile and bring your project to life.

3D scan and reality capture of a large gas building
3D building scan of a gas facility
3D scan of a large gas and industrial building
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We give you a tour of your data using your preferred software, file types or browser. You can rotate the data, fly over it and section it. We work with you to help you get familiar with the process and make the most of it.

A group uses 3D technology to collaborate about building conditions in real time
Use 3D technology to increase accuracy and efficiency
3D scanning technology helps make construction jobs more efficient
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Work in this industry is a team effort. We help you put your plans, goals and concerns in an easy-to-understand format so you can get buy-in from stakeholders.


Why Engineers Should Use 3D Services

Some of the benefits you'll see from 3D scanning and modeling include:

  • Improved accuracy: A 3D laser scan captures much more data than a drawing taken by hand. Because your models are more accurate, your plans are too.
  • Greater control: You can get all the little details exactly right with 3D scanning. The scanner also connects to your other tools, improving communication and processing.
  • Fewer delays: Time is money, and every delay eats into your bottom line. Since it's more accurate and easier to adjust, 3D laser scanning and modeling helps to keep your projects on schedule.

Why AsBuilt 3D Scanning

We're engineers, too, and we understand the challenges and frustrations you face on the job. We want each client we work with to bring their best to a project, which is why we bring our best selves.

When you work with us, you get ongoing support, experts who listen and a team that's there for you.

We know you want to get your project started and completed ASAP. That's why we pride ourselves on having the best turnaround times in the industry. If you need us, we can be on a plane out to you within a few hours.

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