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Manage your Projects, Maintenance, and Operations in 3D.

Why 3D Scanning?

In today’s landscape, working in 2D results in lost time and an increased risk of error. 3D capture provides detailed snapshots that allow us to create an assets digital twin, representing the true as-is condition.

Bottom line:
If you are not using 3D Reality Capture for your projects, you are losing time and money.



We start by assessing your goals, discussing which data points are most important and prioritizing concerns. AsBuilt works with you to capture and process valuable data that lowers your risk profile and brings your project to life safely and efficiently.


Utilizing your preferred software — even a web browser — we take you on a 3D tour of your data. Rotate it, fly through it, section it. No matter how you use your data, we’re here to help you familiarize yourself with the process and showcase it effectively.



Articulate your plans, goals, and concerns in a format that everyone can understand. Get buy-in from project stakeholders. Using 3D drawings, resolve clash issues by finding the best solution among multiple engineering firms, vendors, and equipment suppliers.


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