3D Scanning and Modeling
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With AsBuilt's 3D laser scanning and modeling services, you don't need drawings.
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3D Building Scans for Facility Owners

When you need a model of your building or another facility, you have two options. You can manually measure every single building dimension. Or, you can save time and use 3D reality capture.

AsBuilt is the largest supplier of 3D scan and modeling in the U.S. During a scan, we use a terrestrial laser range finder, also called a laser scanner, to capture billions of data points. From that 3D scan data, we build CAD models and photorealistic environments facility owners can use for dozens of purposes, including:

  • Engineering
  • Operations
  • Training
  • Safety evaluations

We take care of the process from start to finish, including data capture, oftentimes with a single site visit to help you achieve a return on investment.

3D Building Modeling for Facility Owners

After facility site scanning, we can transform the data into a 3D building layout or model. A 3D model lets you visualize your facility, including details like its equipment and utilities.

What you do with a 3D model depends on your project requirements and goals. We can produce a model that exactly replicates your facility or one that has slight modifications, such as adjustments to correct imperfections or issues with the current facility.

Uses for a 3D Laser Scanner for Buildings

Our 3D building scanner and modeling capabilities have multiple uses, and we've worked with clients in a wide range of industries, including food and beverage, pulp and paper and power plants. Some potential use cases for facility site scanning include:

  • Construction: 3D scanning and modeling will make a large construction project more manageable. Whether you're building from scratch, renovating or adding on to an existing structure, a 3D scan replaces the need for manually produced survey drawings. Construction projects benefit from fewer errors, improved timelines, better project budget utilization and fewer delays.
  • Quality assurance and construction progress: Keep your construction project on track with 3D scanning and modeling and minimize costly mistakes. 3D laser scanning removes the guesswork from quality control and helps you resolve concerns more quickly.
  • Facilities management: Your facility needs to be maintained to ensure reliability and production. Scheduling renovations and updates should be part of a facility's management plan. 3D laser scanning technology helps you to establish quality controls for your facility and ensure that everything aligns with standards.

Why 3D Scanning?

In today’s landscape, working in 2D results in lost time and an increased risk of error. 3D capture provides detailed snapshots that allow us to create an asset's digital twin, representing the true as-is condition.

Bottom line:
If you are not using 3D Reality Capture for your projects, you are losing time and money.

How the 3D Scanning Process Works

When you work with us, we follow a three-step process to help you capture, visualize and collaborate using your data:

Faro 3D scanner for facility management
3D as built scanning of a gas building
3D scan and reality capture of a large gas building
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We start by assessing your goals, discussing which data points are most important and prioritizing concerns. AsBuilt works with you to capture and process valuable data that lowers your risk profile and brings your project to life safely and efficiently.

3D as built scanning for management of change in piping
3D scans to get a comprehensive understanding about a building
3D scans to understand as built building conditions
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Utilizing your preferred software — even a web browser — we take you on a 3D tour of your data. Rotate it, fly through it, section it. No matter how you use your data, we’re here to help you familiarize yourself with the process and showcase it effectively.

A group uses 3D technology to collaborate about building conditions in real time
Use 3D technology to increase accuracy and efficiency
3D scanning technology helps make construction jobs more efficient
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Articulate your plans, goals, and concerns in a format that everyone can understand. Get buy-in from project stakeholders. Using 3D drawings, resolve clash issues by finding the best solution among multiple engineering firms, vendors, and equipment suppliers.


Benefits of a 3D Scan and Model for Building Owners

If you need to renovate your facility, want to add on to it or are building from scratch, there are many benefits to using 3D facility scanning and modeling:

  • Greater accuracy: You'll capture more data with a 3D laser scan than if you were to hire someone to measure and make drawings by hand. As a result, your models taken with 3D scanning are more accurate — and the same is true for your building plans.
  • More control: 3D scanning gives you more control over your project, as you can make more intricate changes and streamline details.
  • Improved communication: Digital 3D models make it easier to share your building designs and plans, streamlining communication between all members of your team.
  • Greater on-time completion: Being on time is one of the great goals of any project, whether it's construction or historic preservation. 3D scanning and modeling increase accuracy and allow for easier adjustments and updates as the project goes on, helping you stay on schedule.

Why AsBuilt 3D Scanning

We want our clients to be at their best in any project. To accomplish that, we provide ongoing support and service. We listen to what you need and do everything in our power to make it happen.

Our team is made up of industry professionals who prep for the job before walking on-site. We strive to put the project timeline front and center to minimize delays.

We realize cost is a concern for many of our clients, so we train our technicians to collect data in a way that reduces expenses. To help keep our costs as low as possible, we leverage underused technology investments and overseas partnerships.

Time is money in this industry. We're proud to have the shortest turnaround time in the field. If we need to, we can get an engineer or technician on a plane to your location within hours. During our standard process, we have multiple techs collecting data and multiple servers processing it at the same time.

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