As-built a 40 year old Coal Crusher


January 9, 2023

As-built a 40 year old Coal Crusher

The Challenge:

AsBuilt was contracted to capture the as-is conditions of a coal crusher house for a major US power production company.  The power provider was seeking to upgrade the existing coal handling system, but due to a lack of drawings and information, the project team was unable to scope and begin the retrofit with confidence.

The Solution:

AsBuilt used 3D laser scanning and developed a 3D model to visualize the existing conditions.  The 3D modeling was utilized as an accurate design background for placement of the following equipment:

  • A new Magnetic Separator
  • A new conveyor Head Chute
  • A new Crusher Bypass Chute
  • New interconnecting chute work  
  • A new Load Zone
  • Structural Drawing Package

Quick Facts:

3D Modeling of As-Is Conditions

Upon As-built’s arrival, the plant had no accurate as built drawings.  The facility was decades old, and the many changes had not been documented as they were made.  Utilizing 3D capture the facility was easily documented down millimeter accuracy.

Precise Equipment Placement

The 3D data provided the necessary information to be used as design backgrounds, which means all the new equipment could be precisely placed in future locations without interference with the equipment to remain after the demo.

Reduced Timeline

AsBuilt was able to complete the scanning in less than two days, provide a point cloud in less than a week, and a 3D model in less than 3 weeks from receipt of order.

Cost Savings

Without 3D scanning and modeling, the plant would have spent exponentially more on this project without starting with a 3D capture of the existing facility.  The 3D capture was essentially a free service when considering the cost savings.


  • Point Cloud
  • Navisworks Model
  • Clash Detection

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