AsBuilt Deaerator Fab Inspection


December 30, 2022

AsBuilt Deaerator Fab Inspection

AsBuilt Deaerator Fab Inspection

The Challenge:

AsBuilt was contracted to confirm the fabrication of an 80 foot long by 12-foot diameter deaerator assembly that was fabricated off site.  Key process connections point locations were critical for a smooth installation during a very tight plant outage.  

The Solution:

AsBuilt captured the existing piping system and developed a point cloud.  The point cloud data was converted to 3D solid modeling for design backgrounds.

Quick Facts:

Shared Access – Upon completion of scanning and processing the data was easily shared with the mechanical design team for the correct placement of the new valve.

Project Planning – Once the new valve was placed in the 3D model the plant operations and maintenance team were able to review the layout and approve the design.

Reduced Rework – Visualizing the equipment in various arrangements allowed the team to finalize a design.  Once designed the fabrication drawings were created from the 3D model.

Installation Planning – Once the equipment was determined to be in the most efficient arrangement, the installation crew were able to plan the installation, scaffolding, and rigging planning


  • Point Cloud
  • Navisworks Model
  • 3D Modeling

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