AsBuilt for a 100 Year Old Hospital


November 21, 2021

AsBuilt for a 100 Year Old Hospital

AsBuilt for a 100 Year Old Hospital

The Challenge:

A 100-year-old hospital needed to upgrade its chillers and existing piping.  The major issue was the lack of drawings since much of the existing piping, conduit, and equipment was field routed and fitted without as-built drawings.

The Solution:

AsBuilt utilized 3D laser scanning to capture the as-is conditions in the mechanical rooms of the facility.  After capturing and processing the data, the 3D model was developed to create design backgrounds for easy equipment placement and pipe routing.

Quick Facts:

Captured During COVID – AsBuilt was able to send one tech to the site for one long day of data capture.  This eliminated return trips and direct contact with the facility personnel.

Precise Equipment Placement – The new chillers and piping were placed and routed virtually to avoid clash with the existing equipment.

Reduced Timeline – AsBuilt captured more data in one day of scanning than a team of engineers could accurately gather in years.  No need for tape measures or old school measuring up.

Reduced Rework – Once designed, and checked for clash, there was zero rework in this project.  Compared to past projects, the contractor increased margin and reduced time spent onsite for installation.


  • Point Cloud
  • Navisworks Model
  • Clash Detection

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