AsBuilt for a Municipal Project


January 31, 2020

AsBuilt for a Municipal Project

The Challenge:

AsBuilt was commissioned to 3D laser scan a city sports complex.  The sports complex was often overbooked and over capacity.  The city was seeking to make improvements to the facility but had no drawings or documentation.

The Solution:

AsBuilt captured the existing facility interior and exterior and then developed a point cloud.  The point cloud was used for documentation of existing conditions, exact location of buildings, poles, and boundaries.  Complicated dimensions were then easily pulled.

Quick Facts:

Shared Access – City managers, contractors, and engineers were able to share the facility layout and explore design options in remote virtual space.

Time Savings – After scanning it was no longer necessary to travel to the site to pull measurements or explore design ideas.

Facility Documentation – Once scanned, the facility was fully documented.  Should the facility be damaged by storm, fire, or other disaster, the facility was captured for insurance purposes.

GPS Locating – The point cloud can be tied to the city grid for the exact location of the asset.


  • Point Cloud
  • Online Visualization Support

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