AsBuilt for Coal Transfer Design/Replacement


January 11, 2022

AsBuilt for Coal Transfer Design/Replacement

The Challenge:

AsBuilt was contracted to created a digital twin of an existing coal handling system.  The facility is over 40 years old with many undocumented changes to the equipment and building environment.  This means the available drawings are not reliable.

The Solution:

AsBuilt collected onsite 3D scan data during a one day site visit.  This data was processed and a point cloud was developed.  The point cloud data was used to develop solid modeling for the engineering and design backgrounds.

Quick Facts:

Shared Access – Upon completion of the scanning and post processing, the engineering team was able to share the accurate as-is conditions with the plant project planning team.

Concept Development – The design changes were easily shared with the plant’s operations and maintenance teams, providing a means to visualize future operations and maintenance benefits.

Design Approval – All teams were able to comment, track changes, and approve the final design in 3D.

Fabrication and Installation Planning – Once the final design was confirmed, the fabrication was bid quickly and the installation team was able to preplan the install in 3D.


  • 3D Laser Scan Data
  • Processed Point Cloud
  • 360 Photo Views
  • 3D Solid Modeling

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