AsBuilt for Condensate Tank Replacement


December 22, 2022

AsBuilt for Condensate Tank Replacement

AsBuilt for Condensate Tank Replacement

The Challenge:

Years ago a refinery modified and repurposed a previously used tank into a condensate tank. The tank was in need of replacement, but the facility did not have drawings to begin the project.

The Solution:

Due to a lack of drawings and information, AsBuilt was contracted to laser scan the tank, process piping, inlets and outlets, immediate surrounding structure and equipment. After scanning AsBuilt provided a point cloud, 3D models, and 2D drawings.

Quick Facts:

Captured As-Is Conditions - The existing conditions consisted of a repurposed tank and field routed piping. As is often the case, the modifications were not documented in as-built drawings.

Precise Equipment Placement - The new tank and piping will be placed and routed virtually to avoid clashing with existing equipment.  

Reduced Timeline - AsBuilt was able to capture more data in one day of scanning than a team of engineers could capture in weeks. This process also reduces the common mistakes made with the tape measure.

Offsite Fabrication - The tank and all connecting piping will be fabricated off site which reduces risk for the facility owner and traditionally delivers a much more accurate fabrication.


Point Cloud

Navisworks Model

2D As Built Drawings

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