AsBuilt for Pet Food Mfg.


June 4, 2021

AsBuilt for Pet Food Mfg.

The Challenge:

A major pet food manufacturing facility needed to upgrade an ageing dust collection system and upgrade pick up points for compliance.

The Solution:

Due to a lack of drawings and information, AsBuilt was contracted to laser scan the process equipment, structure, and utilities to provide a Point Cloud and 3D model of the existing facility and environment.

Quick Facts:

Captured As-Is Conditions – Even though the facility was not old, in terms of US manufacturing, the owners lacked accurate as-built drawings to begin the design process for the new equipment.

Precise Equipment Placement – The new system and ducting were placed and routed virtually to avoid clash with existing equipment.  

Reduced Timeline – AsBuilt was able to capture more data in one day of scanning than a team of engineers could accurately capture in months.

Offsite Fabrication – All ducting was fabricated off site with no rework.  This was a huge saving of time and manpower.


  • Point Cloud
  • Navisworks Model
  • Clash Detection

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