AsBuilt for Piping and Pumps Retrofit


January 9, 2023

AsBuilt for Piping and Pumps Retrofit

The Challenge:

The facility owner needed to upgrade piping systems and pumps. Up to date drawings nor 3D documentation was not available, the only option was to recreate the drawings. This need lead the client to 3D scanning and modeling.

The Solution:

AsBuilt spent approximately 16 hours onsite to capture the project areas. The data was processed, converted to a 3D model, drawings and shared with the client.  The client was then provided with all necessary information to move forward with the project.

Quick Facts:

Up to date drawings – The client did not need to work with inaccurate drawings and had confidence in scoping and planning the project.

3D Pipe Routing – Once the pump location was determined, the pipe routing could be completed in 3D to eliminate the concern of clash and routing issues.

Off Site Pipe Fabrication – The fabrication shop was able to fabricate the piping in the fabrication shop, which reduces the chance of onsite injury or mistakes.  Once the fabrication was complete, the fab as checked for accuracy before shipping.

Management of Change – Once the equipment was installed correctly and accepted by the facility owner, the model was updated to reflect the changes.


  • Point Cloud
  • 3D Modeling
  • Pipe Routing
  • Clash Detection
  • Fabrication Inspection

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