AsBuilt for Structural and Redlines


January 9, 2023

AsBuilt for Structural and Redlines

The Challenge:

Confirm the structural steel was installed according to the construction plans.  

The Solution:

The only way to confirm the exact placement of the members was to scan the as built and overlay the design drawings.   All deviations were easily documented, and changes were made to the as built drawings.

Quick Facts:

Correct As Built Drawings – When building a large facility how do you confirm it is being built to the plans?  You need to 3D scan it and confirm the installation.  This was accomplished in the hours after the steel was installed.

Tracking of Changes – All changes were easily tracked and communicated for revisions to the As Built drawings to be completed.  

Easy to Modify in the Future – Any changes needed in the future will be easy to design because the engineers will be working with accurate data.

Proper Project Hand Over to the Client – The facility owner was provided with correct structural as built drawings, which were incongruent with the as designed.


  • Point Cloud
  • 3D Modeling
  • Deviation Reporting for Red Lines

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