AsBuilt for Structural Modifications


January 9, 2023

AsBuilt for Structural Modifications

The Challenge:

A fuel manufacturer needed as built structural drawings for the third floor in a process building.

The Solution:

AsBuilt used 3D laser scanning and developed a 3D model to visualize the existing conditions.  AsBuilt provided the customer with 360 photos, a point cloud, 3D models and 2D structural drawings.

Quick Facts:

3D Modeling of As-Is Conditions – Prior to scanning and modeling, the facility had no accurate as built drawings.  The facility was decades old, and the many changes had not been documented as they were made.  

No Impact on Operations – The 3D scanning was completed in less than a day of scanning.  Being efficient while onsite, the scan process had no effect on production and required no supervision.

Structural Modification Calculations – The engineering group was provided with the as-is conditions and drawing package.  They were able to plan for future modifications without traveling to the site for verification.

Offsite Group Collaboration – Using the 3D deliverables, the plant was able to plan future upgrades with contractors, engineers, and internal project managers frequently through online meetings.


  • Point Cloud
  • Navisworks Model
  • 2D Structural Drawings

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