AsBuilt of a 700-foot Underground Conveyor


June 30, 2023

AsBuilt of a 700-foot Underground Conveyor

The Challenge:

A power generation plant needed to replace a 700-foot long, underground conveyor that had reached the end of its serviceable life.   Accurate drawings were not readily available, and many modifications had been made to the conveyor over its 40-year life that were not documented.

The Solution:

AsBuilt utilized 3D laser scanning to capture the as-is conditions of the conveyor, focusing on both loading areas and leg anchor bolt locations which had been modified over the years. After completing capture and processing the data, the 3D model was developed to allow designers to engineer a replacement system with exact fit up in key connection areas.

Quick Facts:

Minimize Personnel in Hazardous Locations – AsBuilt sent one tech to scan the entire conveyor system.  Less time was spent capturing as built dimensions with the scanner versus sending someone one in the tunnel to do the same by hand.  Minimizing personnel in hazardous locations is a huge advantage for laser scanning.

Precise Equipment Interface Location – Design engineers had precise locations for interfacing with existing equipment and existing mounting location.

Reduced Timeline – AsBuilt was able to capture more data in one day of scanning than a team of engineers could accurately capture in years. No old school measuring up required.

Reduced Rework – Reduced rework by 97% versus previous conveyor replacements in the same tunnel.


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