AsBuilt of a Beverage Facility


January 9, 2023

AsBuilt of a Beverage Facility

The Challenge:

AsBuilt was contracted to capture the as-is conditions of a microbrewery.  The brewery needed accurate as-builts, P&IDs, and 3D models of the existing facility.  The brewery realized the importance of accurate data for efficient operations.

The Solution:

AsBuilt captured the existing conditions of the facility as built, which was different from the design package.

Quick Facts:

Updated P&ID – Maintaining a facility with miles of piping is a difficult task.  Maintaining one without up to date P&IDs is even more difficult.  Once the scanning was completed, the first step was to get usable P&IDs.

Project Planning – Being a successful business is a great achievement but comes with some problems.  Customer demand required an increase in production.  Having the facility in 3D allows the facility owner to rearrange and install new equipment virtually.

Training New Employees – New employees can visualize the entire process from start to finish on the big screen.  Sitting in a conference room, viewing the operations, gives the new hires the best overview of the facility and operation.

Day to Day Maintenance – Work orders can be reviewed in 3D and maintenance planned without climbing through the equipment and searching for the problem.


  • Point Cloud
  • Navisworks Model
  • BIM Modeling
  • P&IDs

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