As-Built for a Dust Collection System Upgrade


January 9, 2023

As-Built for a Dust Collection System Upgrade

The Challenge:

AsBuilt was contracted to capture the as-is conditions of a dust collection system in a wood products manufacturing mill.  The mill was preparing to replace the aging dust collection system and add new pick-up points to reduce dusting in the facility.  The problem was the lack of drawings for the old dust collection system and the surrounding areas.

The Solution:

AsBuilt captured the existing dust collection system, including all the piping and pick up points.  In the process of scanning the dust collection system, the surrounding area was captured, including conduit, piping, structural and equipment details.  The entire area scanned was converted to 3D model space, which was used for placing the new equipment and clash detection.  

Quick Facts:

Missing Information Found – The plant was lacking drawings of the existing environment.  Using 3D scanning and modeling the drawings were created along with the more useful 3D model.

Project Planning – Project planning is exceedingly difficult without drawings.   After scan and model, a plan was developed and online collaboration was made simple.

Reduced Rework – Once the pipe was routed in 3D, fabrication drawings were created.  Once fabricated the piping was confirmed to be correct in the fab shop.  Installation was quick with no need for field routing or changes.

Risk Managed – Project risk comes from the unknowns.  Once the unknowns were made known, the risk was eliminated from the project.


  • Point Cloud
  • 3D Model
  • Clash Detection
  • Fabrication Inspection
  • Fabrication Drawings

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