AsBuilt of Conveyor Drive


December 31, 2022

AsBuilt of Conveyor Drive

AsBuilt of Conveyor Drive

The Challenge:

AsBuilt was contracted to capture the head chute and drive of a coal conveying system.  The system is responsible for delivering coal to a coal fired power plant unit.  The previous drive needed replacement, but the plant wanted to upgrade the system to match the existing drives of three other units.  The plant was lacking drawings of the arrangement.

The Solution:

The solution was to scan and model the existing equipment arrangement.  The new drive was placed in the model and point cloud to determine exact fitment.

Quick Facts:

Scope Development – The drive was specified, and the installing contractor was able to bid on the project based upon the 3D model and point cloud information

Rigging and Installation Planning – The installation contractor was able to plan the rigging and installation by taking measurements from the point cloud and 3D model provided.

Precise Measurements – Scanning provides a means to capture equipment in its precise location.  This means equipment can be replaced with like equipment easily.

Management of Change – Once the equipment was installed correctly and accepted by the facility owner, the model was updated to reflect the changes


  • Point Cloud
  • 3D Modeling
  • Clash Detection

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