AsBuilt of Dust Collection Equipment Area


January 9, 2023

AsBuilt of Dust Collection Equipment Area

The Challenge:

AsBuilt was contracted to capture the as-is conditions for the installation of a new dust collection system in a wood products manufacturing facility.  

The Solution:

AsBuilt utilized 3D scanning to capture the existing conditions of the decade’s old facility.  

Quick Facts:

Point Cloud Development – Prior to scanning and modeling, the facility had no accurate as-built drawings.  After scanning, the point cloud was developed and delivered to the designer of the future system.

Precise Duct Routing – The new duct work and equipment was routed by the designers and easily checked for clash with the existing system.  

Installation Planning – The contractor was able to route the ducting in 3D and plan the installation with the installation crew.

Ducting Calculations – Once the 3D duct routing was finalized, the engineering team calculated and confirmed accurate transport velocities in the ducting system.


  • Point Cloud
  • Navisworks Model

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