AsBuilt of Piping Spool Pieces


August 21, 2021

AsBuilt of Piping Spool Pieces

The Challenge:

Utilize laser scanning to capture all piping for a like kind replacement of saltwater cooling pipe.  Existing drawings were limited and barely legible.

The Solution:

3D modeling was created to assist the pipe designers with detailed spool design for custom 24” ductile iron fabrication.  Scans were taken on a tall (24’) tripod to visualize pipe spigots not seen from grade or on the drawings.

Quick Facts:

Poor Drawings – The only available drawings of the existing equipment were unreadable.

Immediate Replacement Drawings Needed – The engineering staff was placed in a difficult position.  The plant needed replacement part drawings, but there was a lack of accurate as-is conditions.

Accurate Fabrication Drawings – Utilizing 3D scanning provides an accurate means to produce fabrication drawings which you can rely on to be accurate.

Future Replacement Part Drawings – Once captured and designed in 3D, you can reproduce future replacement parts with confidence.


Point Cloud

3D Modeling

3D Design Backgrounds

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