How to Reduce Contingency Risk with 3D Scanning

August 29, 2023

Delivering the completed project on-time & on-budget is the main goal of project management. Industrial retrofit and construction projects have big contingency budgets. Reducing the amount of capital tied up in contingency budgets is on the mind of management teams. Project managers and decision-makers at that manage large retrofit and construction projects know that delays and downtime are costly in labor and lost production. Every project has ‘change’ to manage, whether in the objective, budget, timeline, or unexpected challenges.

3D reality capture creates a digital twin that can be used to plan projects, deal with unexpected issues and reduce risk. Finding problems early with 3D saves significant time and money later on because planning for and managing risk in 3D avoids costly delays and downtime. 3D scanning is faster and more accurate than traditional manual measurements. Having comprehensive as-is data instead of out-of-date as built drawings from the last project ensures that engineering teams have comprehensive insight into all project conditions and can plan each step in a digital 3D environment. Capturing as-built data using 3D reality capture is a fast way to gather key insights.

Tips to Employ 3D Scanning

  1. Hire a 3D Scanning firm with experience in your industry or similar environments. Inexperienced scanner techs can miss key aspects and require rescans to complete the data set.
  2. Find a team with experience in providing the 3D Modeling support necessary to turn scan data into models for engineers. Without 3D modeling, your team may initially struggle with adopting the the workflow.
  3. Scan before, during & after a project. Before the project gives you holistic insight as well as useful 3D as-built assets for planning. During the project allows you to monitor progress and check for mistakes before they are amplified. After the project gives you accurate as built assets that can be leveraged in the next big project.

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Ready to create your Digital Twin?

Ready to create your Digital Twin?
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