Thousands of Engineering Firms, but Only Three Categories

August 1, 2023

Are you tired of dealing with inaccurate, and outdated 2D drawings in your retrofit projects? Are you facing challenges with internal inefficiencies, underutilized equipment, and excessive overhead costs?

There are thousands of engineering firms in the US.  In regards to 3D technology adoption, they can all be classified into one of three categories –


The Non-User,    The Self-Performer,    or The Outsourcer

Let's take a look at the categories, common problems, and solutions.

The Non-User – 3D Scanning and 3D Modeling are not apart of their current workflow.

The Non-User engineering companies are missing out on the cutting-edge technology that will significantly improve their project workflow.  Relying on outdated 2D drawings leads to slower delivery, higher chance of error, and being behind the times.  Here’s why it’s time to embrace 3D laser scanning and modeling services:

· Unparalleled Accuracy:

3D laser scanning captures precise measurements of existing environments, ensuring your retrofit projects kick off with accurate drawings and models, minimizing costly errors.

· Efficiency and Speed:

By transitioning to 3D scanning and modeling, your projects will progress faster and more efficiently, allowing you to meet tight deadlines and take on more projects. 

· Future-Proof Your Business:

Embracing 3D technology demonstrates that your company is forward thinking and willing to invest in advancements that set you apart from your competitors. Remember, your competitors will be making this shift too.

 Say goodbye to old-school and inefficient practices.

The Self-Performer – 3D scanning and modeling are executed by in-house employees.

While investing in laser scanning equipment and modeling software was a step in the right direction, many self-performing engineering companies struggle to keep their scanners and employees busy.  Travel costs, equipment maintenance, software subscriptions, hardware upgrades, and overhead demolish the best business plan when the scanners are not scanning full time. Let’s examine the reasons why outsourcing 3D laser scanning and modeling services can be a game changer.

· Cost Effectiveness:

Paying for services on a project-to-project basis eliminates the burden of underutilized equipment and personnel, saving you money in the long run.

· Improved Deliverables:

Expert 3D scanning and modeling service providers guarantee accurate and timely deliverables, avoiding unnecessary delays and errors.

· Focus on Core Competencies:

By outsourcing, your employees can concentrate on their core engineering tasks instead of spending valuable time traveling to scan sites.

 Maximize your investment and productivity.

The Outsourcer – 3D Scanning and modeling services are provided by a sub-contractor.

Partnering with the wrong scan and model provider leads to unnecessary costs because you are handling scope development, project management, scan site coordination, and QC of deliverables.  Outsourcing laser scanning and 3D modeling might seem like giving up control, but partnering with the right service provider can be a game-changer.  Consider the following advantages:

· Reduced Overhead:

Instead of dedicating employees to subcontractor management, you can rely on a single, experienced 3D laser scanning and modeling team with 20 years of heavy industrial on-site experience.  

· Project Management Simplified:

Professional service providers excel in project management, reducing your need for constant supervision and allowing you to focus on other critical aspects of your business.

· Enhanced Professionalism:

Expert service providers act as a seamless extension of your team, representing your company professionally in front of clients.

Streamline your projects and reduce overhead.


Regardless of whether your engineering company is a Non-User, a Self-Performer, or an Outsourcer, there are clear drawbacks to your current workflow.  By partnering with AsBuilt you can overcome these challenges and take your projects to new heights.

At AsBuilt, we specialize in providing top-notch 3D laser scanning and modeling services tailored to meet the unique needs of engineering firms like yours.  Our team of experts will work closely with you to streamline your workflow, improve project accuracy, and save you valuable time and resources.

Are you ready to revolutionize your engineering projects?  Contact us today to explore how 3D laser scanning and modeling services can transform your business for the better.  Together, let’s take your engineering projects to the next dimension.

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