3D Building Modeling 

Traditionally, retrofitting, renovating or building from scratch relied on using two dimensional drawings and manually constructed models. With the rise of digital technology, a new way of measuring and creating models has come about — 3D modeling. Compared to 2D drawings and handmade models, 3D modeling offers a wide range of benefits.  
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AsBuilt has been a leader in building scan and modeling for decades. We're an engineering firm first and a scanning and modeling firm second, allowing us to do our work with an understanding of our customers' needs and goals. Learn more about how we use 3D laser scanning for buildings and projects. 

What Is 3D Modeling? 

During 3D modeling, software builds a three-dimensional representation of an object, such as a building or other structure. We use laser scanners to gather the data needed to create the model. Whenever the laser falls on a surface, it establishes a data point in three-dimensional space. The scanner collects billions of these data points, allowing a modeler to use the information to develop a digital representation of the structure. 

As a 3D building modeling company, we take care of the process from start to finish. We'll capture the data and train your team so you can see a return on investment quickly. Our team will collaborate with you across all project phases and provide support whenever you need it.

Our Building Scan and Modeling Process 

Our 3D scanning process involves three steps:

Faro 3D scanner for facility management
3D as built scanning of a gas building
3D scan and reality capture of a large gas building
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During the first step, we take the time to learn about your goals. Developing a full understanding of what you hope to achieve allows us to determine which data points matter most. It also helps us prioritize your concerns. We'll work with you to process your data so you can bring your project to life.

3D as built scanning for management of change in piping
3D scans to get a comprehensive understanding about a building
3D scans to understand as built building conditions
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Next, we'll take you on a tour of the data in three-dimensional form, using whatever software or browser you prefer. You can fly over the data, rotate it and section it. We'll help you become familiar with the information we captured to maximize its usability.

A group uses 3D technology to collaborate about building conditions in real time
Use 3D technology to increase accuracy and efficiency
3D scanning technology helps make construction jobs more efficient
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Turn your goals and plans into an easy-to-understand format to get stakeholders' buy-in. 3D drawings help you resolve concerns and provide the best solution for everyone involved.


Benefits of 3D Modeling 

In design and construction, 3D modeling has many benefits, including:

  • Increased accuracy: 2D drawings and manually created models are unable to reflect the current, real-world conditions surrounding the project. Even slight discrepancies in the drawing versus the reality can increase the cost of a project or lead to delays. 
  • Easier visualizations: It's not always easy to “see” the final outcome of a project when looking at a 2D drawing. Using 3D modeling, you get a more realistic idea of what the project will look like when finished. You can show your clients and stakeholders the smallest of details using a 3D rendering.
  • Better on-time completion rate: 3D modeling keeps your project on schedule and increases the likelihood that the work will be completed on time. You can use 3D modeling to see where a project currently stands in terms of progress and how that relates to established milestones. 
  • Enhanced collaboration: Construction and renovation is a collaborative effort. With 3D modeling, you create designs your whole team can easily access and review, streamlining the collaboration process so you can easily act on feedback. 
  • Lower costs: Anything that helps your project stay on schedule and reduces the chance of error occurring has the potential to result in substantial cost savings. The accurate visuals and realistic expectations provided by a 3D model further that goal. 

Uses for 3D Modeling 

3D modeling has many uses across multiple industries. Some of the ways you might use it include:

Why AsBuilt 

AsBuilt provides support at every phase of your project. We can help you get your project underway with scanning services and will be there with you to ensure your models suit your purposes. We're also among the fastest providers in this field, often getting a technician on-site for emergency work in as little as 12 hours and delivering even expansive data sets in hours rather than days.  

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