3D As-Built Scanning for Buildings

3D scanning provides precise measurements you can use when creating as-built drawings and models after a project is complete. Our 3D laser scanners provide you with an accurate data set for modeling that allows you to easily see the changes made to the project during the construction process. 
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What Are As-Built Drawings?

An as-built drawing, sometimes called a redline, record drawing or shop drawings, is a document that lets you compare the design of a structure to its final specifications. Usually, as-built drawings are submitted by a contractor or engineer once a project is finished. The drawings show the location, geometry and dimensions of the work as it was performed. 

As-built drawings are considered historical documents because they show each change made to a project. They are critical in case of future repairs, changes or renovations, as they provide details about the exact materials used, configuration and the age of the project. With as-built drawings providing precise data, renovators or retrofitters save time and money if they want to alter a building.

3D Laser Scanning for As-Built Drawings 

Accuracy is essential for as-built drawings. That's where 3D laser scanning for buildings comes into play. As-built laser scanning is a way to capture data quickly and precisely while minimizing human error. During a laser scan, we capture billions of data points, each representing a point in space that becomes part of a realistic representation of a building. The process is efficient and effective, allowing you to obtain an as-built drawing without having to repeatedly visit the site or take multiple measurements. 

No Drawings, No Problem 

The goal of as-built drawings is to show the reality of a building. The trouble is that those drawings can become outdated over time. Buildings evolve, owners add new wings and additions, and features change by necessity or with building maintenance. Often, that means that the existing drawings don't actually reflect what's going on with the building. 

Not having any drawings is often worse than having outdated drawings or building plans. When there are no models or drawings available to you, you have to either measure the current building yourself with a tape measure or make estimates. 

Enter laser scanning from AsBuilt. Thanks to laser scans, our motto is “no drawings, no problem.” Our 3D scanners will quickly and accurately capture the data needed to produce an as-built model of your building. Before using our scanners, we'll talk to you about your project goals and work with you to get you feeling excited about the process and project again. 

Benefits of 3D As-Built Scanning

Using 3D scanning for as-built services offers many benefits for your projects, including:

  • Better communication: With 3D scanning, it's easier to share accurate as-built information with all project stakeholders, including executives and engineers. 
  • Higher quality: 3D scanning can improve the quality of your project, as it allows you to spot any issues and correct them early in the construction process when a fix is likely to be simpler and less expensive.
  • Increased safety: Laser scanning can make a project safer, as it's conducted at a distance and doesn't require a worker to get up close to a building or to climb into tight or hard-to-reach spaces to collect measurements. 3D scanning also makes it easier to detect safety issues in a building so they can be corrected.
  • Faster turnaround: You need that as-built drawing ASAP. Laser scanning creates an accurate model in a few days, not weeks. Your project will stay on schedule and your team will save time.
  • Lower costs: Laser scanning helps keep project costs down by documenting potential concerns and minimizing the need for on-site change orders.

Uses for 3D As-Built Drawings 

Depending on your industry and project needs, there are many applications for 3D as-built drawings, such as:

  • As-built survey: As-built surveys document the location of improvements before, during and after construction, as they can be different from the location in the initial design.
  • Digital twin creation: Digital twins are virtual versions of physical buildings. They use real-time data to track changes in a physical object throughout its life cycle. 
  • Construction verification: An as-built drawing can confirm that a construction project accomplished what it set out to do or document any deviations from the original plans. 
  • Clash detection: Clash detection allows you to determine if building components interfere with each other — potentially even before the hardware is ordered. For example, it indicates issues such as planned air ducts being installed where there's existing undocumented plumbing. 
  • Facilities management: As-built documentation is important in maintaining and managing a facility or building.

Why AsBuilt 

No drawing? No problem! We can help you get your project underway and completed quickly. Our team has the best turnaround times in the industry — for emergency operations, we can often have a technician on-site in as little as 12 hours. Best of all, we can usually deliver results in hours instead of days. 

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