No digital data? No problem.

AsBuilt captures the 3D data you need to implement YOUR solution.

Why AsBuilt?

Historically, the cost and schedule associated with 3D data capture has been the barrier to implementation of the greatest software solutions. Do not leave this task in the hands of your client, or worse, allow it to be a client excuse that prevents you from implementing YOUR solutions.

Bottom line:If you are not using AsBuilt in your implementation workflow, you are losing opportunities.



Our proprietary processes, developed over ten years, leads to the lowest digital twin creation cost in the industry. The largest power generators and multinational manufacturers in the US make AsBuilt their first choice for 3D data capture services.


AsBuilt understands how critical delivery schedule is to keeping a client engaged during an implementation. Measure your delivery in days or weeks, not months or years! AsBuilt sizes and structures their capture and processing teams to exceed your requirements.


When you are selling large dollar digital twin software offerings, your partner needs technical discipline and industry credentials. Our insurance, safety training and corporate governance will exceed even the most demanding client's requirements.

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