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As a value-added reseller for software that implements 3D modeling, you know the benefit of offering the most efficient and effective solutions to your clients. You need an option that allows users to capture and model their facilities, letting you leverage your software offerings. With AsBuilt, you get exactly that.

AsBuilt captures the 3D data you need to implement YOUR solution. Think of us as your boots-on-the-ground team. Our 3D scan technology can make your software a complete package, increasing its value and helping you land more clients. Learn more about how to use our 3D scan and modeling service to offer your clients comprehensive solutions.

Offer Complete 3D Scan and Model Packages for Your Clients

On its own, your software helps building owners manage energy or keep track of systems that keep the building comfortable and operational, such as pumps and HVAC systems. Adding 3D models to your software can help building owners visualize problems with these resources and take action immediately. However, the tech required for scanning and modeling a building may be out of your company's, and your client's, budgets.

That's where we come in. You can integrate our 3D scanning technology into your software for less cost than doing it on your own or working with another company. Your software then becomes more valuable and functional for your customers, leading to more sales.

Your Streamlined 3D Scanning Solution

Our 3D scanning solutions let your clients immerse themselves in a space — digitally. The 3D models we can create are more accurate and realistic than any produced by 2D drawings. With the 3D modeling complete, implement your software offerings immediately.

Why AsBuilt 3D Scanning?

Historically, the cost and schedule associated with 3D data capture has been the barrier to implementation of the greatest software solutions. Do not leave this task in the hands of your client, or worse, allow it to be a client excuse that prevents you from implementing YOUR solutions.

Bottom line:If you are not using AsBuilt in your implementation workflow, you are losing opportunities.


AsBuilt is an engineering company first and then a scan and model company. That's to say, we understand the pain points and challenges engineers face. We work to see things from our clients' points of view so we can visualize their goals.

We got into laser scanning to support our own engineering activities. Now, we want to share our resources and expertise with fellow members of the field.

Some of the benefits of partnering with us include:

Benefits of 3D scanning includes cost saving

Reduced Cost

Our proprietary processes, developed over ten years, leads to the lowest digital twin creation cost in the industry. The largest power generators and multinational manufacturers in the US make AsBuilt their first choice for 3D data capture services.

How do we keep our costs in check? By leveraging underused technology investments, such as long-term, overseas partnerships. We also train our 3D scanning technicians to collect data in a way that keeps costs down.

Save time with 3D scanning

Higher Speed

AsBuilt understands how critical delivery schedule is to keeping a client engaged during an implementation. Measure your delivery in days or weeks, not months or years! AsBuilt sizes and structures their capture and processing teams to exceed your requirements.

We have the fastest turnaround times in the industry and can deliver a complete model in weeks, not months.

Address issues easily with 3D technology


When you are selling large dollar digital twin software offerings, your partner needs technical discipline and industry credentials. Our insurance, safety training and corporate governance will exceed even the most demanding client's requirements.

Pencil and ruler measurement tools

Engineering Expertise

We're an engineering company first and foremost, so we understand the endgame and what engineers or construction companies need to reach it. You'll benefit from our comprehensive understanding of various computer-aided design (CAD) platforms and the best ways to integrate deliverables into your workflows.

Partner With AsBuilt for Your 3D Scan Needs

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